Company Introduction


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Business Scope

Test Parameters

    • Function
    • Performance
    • Information security
    • Compatibility
    • Ease of use
    • Reliability
    • Maintainability
    • User document set requirements
    • Portability

    • Test all functions of the specified business, write test cases, execute test cases, issue test reports and BUG lists, and use special BUG management tools for test management.

      Test the char

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    • Perform performance tests on specified services, such as throughput rate, number of supported users, concurrency, response time and other mobile end resource occupancy rate, power consumption, network, etc.Deploy servers across the country for centralized access and issue professional performance test reports. More details

    • Conduct security test on the designated business, whether all data will be deleted or modified, whether it will be very slow and the user can't open it at all, test code, server and architecture vulnerabilities, and issue professional security test report.

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    • It refers to the fact that a certain software can work stably in several operating systems without unexpected problems such as exit.

      Not every software should be tested for all compatibilit

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    • It refers to whether it is convenient for users to use the software, for example, whether it can achieve the purpose of users by clicking the mouse up to three times.

      After the completion o

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    • The ability of a product to perform specified functions under specified conditions and within specified time

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    • The first is to evaluate the difficulty of implementing preventive and corrective maintenance functions of a system, including fault detection, diagnosis, repair and whether the system can be re-initialized.Second, it measures how easily a system can accept improvements, or even make functional changes to further adapt to the external (or new) environment More details

    • Verify compliance of software with quality requirements. It contains all the elements that allow such verification.

      For software testers, user documentation should be treated with the same

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    • The degree to which a system, product, or component can be migrated from one hardware, software, or other operating (or using) environment to another.

      The ability of software on a computer

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    Cooperation Case

    • 华北电力大学

    • 盛学成长

    • 东华软件

    • 中国教育科学研究院

    • 交通运输部公路研究院

    • 中信银行

    • 北京邮电大学

    • 蓝帕(北京)

    Honorary Qualifications

    Honorary Qualifications